Construction and Property

We offer advice on all aspects of construction law, including regulatory matters, the drafting of engineering, procurement and construction contract (EPC), land acquisition and the financing aspect.

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Practice Areas

Corporate and Investment

Our services on corporate actions span a wide-range of pivotal corporate actions, such as mergers & acquisitions, issuance of new shares, asset acquisition and disposal, management

Maritime and Port Services

We are widely experienced in the maritime, shipping and port service sectors. In the shipping and maritime sectors, we provide advice across diverse activities.

Direct Selling and Other Marketing Arrangement

With a robust portfolio of both foreign and domestic direct selling clients, we bring substantial expertise to the table.

Capital Market

We are experienced in assisting and advising clients on their capital market deals, including initial public offering (IPO), issuance of equity and non-equity instruments and acquisition of public companies.

Insurance Banking and Finance

We are well-equipped in offering advice and representation in the intricate landscape of insurance cover, liability and recourse.

Corporate Investment Dispute Resolution

We actively represent clients in their dispute resolutions. We advocate clients during settlement negotiations and, when necessary, represent them before the relevant