Our History

Who we are

SAP Advocates was established in 2004. With steadfast dedication and commitment to achievements and professionalism, we embarked on a mission to deliver exceptional corporate and commercial legal services of the highest quality.

We have worked on a broad range of matters, advising both international and domestic clients on their Indonesian legal needs. Our firm focuses on:

We cover nearly every significant legal specialization including Corporate and Commercial; Investment; Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Shipping, Port Services and Logistics; Property/Real Estate; Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring; and Banking. SAP Advocates has expanded its involvement to encompass environmental issues, carbon trading, mining, and information technology and media. Our teams within these practice areas collaborate frequently to offer all-encompassing and cohesive guidance and recommendations to clients who are in search of perceptive solutions for intricate business expansion, operational matters, and dispute resolution issues. 

We are recognized as Top 100 Indonesian Law Firms and ranked 7th among Midsize Full-Service Law Firms 2023 in Indonesia by Hukum Online, a go-to legal news and reference in Indonesia. In particular, we possess specialized capability in direct selling and maritime, shipping and port sectors.

While not having formal affiliations with any foreign law firm, our practice is strengthened by our close relations with several foreign lawyers that possess strong understanding on the nuance and intricacies of providing legal services in Indonesia.